• gari nickson

    gari nickson

    Resourceful,determined&passionate individual.I Like a bit of an adventure. #Entrepreneur. #Construction, Based in creative #CPH. Co-founder @QuickInspect

  • Mariana Lasprilla

    Mariana Lasprilla

    Venezuelan turned teutonic, programmer, compulsive reader, mother, expat, x-phile, atheist, self-proclaimed Serious Runner, chocoholic.

  • Rico Wyder

    Rico Wyder

    Entrepreneur & angel investor writing about growth, global sales, and international markets. Fascinated by mobile, tech, different cultures.

  • Buffer


    Buffer is a suite of products to help you build your brand and connect with your customers online. Come say hi and see what we’re about at buffer.com.

  • Võ Duy Thuận

    Võ Duy Thuận

  • Diego E. Arria

    Diego E. Arria

    He sido Agricultor, Gobernador de Caracas, Embajador de Vzla, Pdte del Consejo de Seguridad y Sec Gral Adjunto de la ONU. Absolutamente Independiente.

  • tibi mora

    tibi mora

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