Boosting confidence around the UX Process with the help of Heuristic Evaluations.

  • User is not in control of the situation.
  • No visibility of the user status.
  • User is not being supported to perform a task.

Identifying designs screwups and informing others properly

Heuristics we benchmark against
  • Gather url, screenshots, sections, etc.
  • Tie the finding to the respective heuristics
  • Establish the severity of each flaw
  • Establish who is responsible to start the remediation process (send it directly to development, create a new design comp, meet with stakeholders to discuss).
  • Propose ways to solve them (a short sentence is enough at this stage)
  • Find out how difficult would it be to fix it (get somebody from dev to do this)
  • Find out how long does it take to fix it.
a brief sample of issues

Going beyond the report.

Jira ticket for fix

Design is not pixie dust, now everybody knows

The outcome




UX Professional, User Advocate and Product Developer.

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David Linke

David Linke

UX Professional, User Advocate and Product Developer.

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